I'm looking for an artist for a cover! :) (Free or not)

Hello everyone, I need an artist who could make a cover and maybe a few art scene, I don’t mind paying the artist but I’m on low budget (Maybe not low I don’t know what are the usual price). If you are interest, dm me on episode forum (A_Z), or if you have tips on how to find one please tell me!

Thank you!

Hello. I am an artsit willing to help. It will however cost money. I’ll include a link to a post I made containing examples, pricing ect.

If you are interested, PM me here or DM me on instagram at @raven_author


My commissions are open right now!!

You can check my examples and prices in my thread. :blush: And I do think my prices are reasonable and affordable :kissing:(low price)

You can reach to my insta as well tessa_art.28 :wink:

hiya my commissions are open if you’re interested :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

some examples




You can find more examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

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If uh want an art piece for episode, or a neon edit or illustration of yourself or your loved ones. (here I cn help uh with that)
Neon edit is edited art work not drawn.
Dm me on @_silver.epi :heart:
I tried my best to keep the prices affordable.

Drawn art for episode

Prices for art

I can also draw upto knee for INR 1250 for single character and INR 2000 for two characters

Neon edit

Price for neon edit

INR 850


Prices for illustrations

INR 950 (without facial feature)
INR 1050 (with facial features)

(neon edit and illustration is for personal use not commercial or episode)

Heyyy I can do any art piece I am commissioned though




All prices or negotiable!

I am always willing to try something new

If your interested You can PM on here or my insta x_jess_episode_x

Hi there! In case you haven’t found your perfect match just yet I thought I’d plug my commissions. I’ll leave the link to my art shop here