Im looking for an overlay, maybe you'll have it!

Hello, I’m looking for a locker door overlay open and closed. if any of you have it, please send here, or private message me! Thank youu!

Something like this?

no, just the door part, cause my view in the story is inside the locker, so that the reader would see how the character opens and closes the door

so a zoomed in version?

something like this?

here is how everything looks, the view is from the inside of the locker, i just need the locker door, not the whole locker

ok let me try to find it

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Why dont you try to zoom in the overlay so it looks like there is one a door

what/which overlay?

the red locker

it wont do…

Oh i am sorry but i wasnt able to find the one your looking for

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its all good, dont worry

ill try to ask others and let you know
ps check out my insta @mellisa.epiwrite
for other types of overlays ask me on insta :grinning:

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