I'm looking for artist for an art scene (drawn)

For who ever can help me I need art
If I can find someone I will give you the details
If you can do it please list some examples
Please and thank you :grin:


I can do it heres a example.

Depending on the amount of characters i’d be willing to do it (i’ll only do up to two characters) :smile:


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Can I get one from you
Here are the details

Eyes: up-turned bold color: blue
Mouth: blossom lips color: blush
Hair: beach wave color: blonde
Face: ovel
Skin tone: Olive
Eyebrows: natural
Nose: Eleven
Can I have the person with a peace sign on her fingers and her toung sticking out and a wink and also with freckles
Please and thank you :grin:

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Okay will do!

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Sorry to bother you but do you know when the art will be done not to be rude

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Totally forgot to tell you sorry, I actually have been canceling any requests I just had way to many I am so sorry. :two_hearts::two_hearts::hugs::dango: