I'm looking for co writer on my story i need elp with cooding and overlays and covers and art scenes

@BENJAMIN spot 1.280 386 15 AND BENJAMIN faces left
@RYLEIGH spot 1.280 -102 -5 AND RYLEIGH faces right
@SALVADOR spot 1.280 -75 -14 AND SALVADOR faces right
@GWANAEL spot 1.280 397 28 AND GWANAEL faces left
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
&SALVADOR walks to spot 1.280 35 93 AND SALVADOR faces right AND SALVADOR does it while walk_sad
@SALVADOR moves to layer 1
&GWANAEL walks to spot 1.280 267 76 AND GWANAEL faces left AND GWANAEL does it while walk_neutral
@GWANAEL moves to layer 2
&BENJAMIN walks to spot 1.235 227 121 AND BENJAMIN faces left AND BENJAMIN does it while walk_talk_phone
@BENJAMIN moves to layer 1
&RYLEIGH walks to spot 1.073 105 134 AND RYLEIGH faces right AND RYLEIGH does it while walk_exhausted
@RYLEIGH moves to layer 2

Meet the brown family
Here we have from left to right
Salvador he is funny, caring, great personality, love animals and nature!
RYLEIGH my best friend 
She is spontaneous, busy, says what it looks like, and is always cheerful
Benjamin twin with Ryleigh, he likes to listen to you, and is a real teddy bear, he likes to cuddle, and goes good advice
Gwanael head off the family,he is a hard working man, he is nice, but he still has the old stamp of faith, and that is hard on the children

this is what is have form a scene now i whant them to look or do staf whit zoom
i dont now how to do it im lost for now im still trying

tnxs you all

have a nice day