I'm looking for some RP's I can join!


Helo, there! I’m looking for some RP’s I can join. Anyone?




Red band society or Auror high I recommend both highly


I’ll check out those two! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


You can check out “The Hunters: Hellfire”


I’ll see that too!


Um there is Willowdale Academy I recommend it as well as Westridge High REVAMP


Heh… if you join you should get ready for… confusion in your first few posts


Okay! :grin: I’m fine with that. lol



You can try my RP. The Safe Haven of Havela


Escape Room (I made it), Until death do us part (the creator is looking for one more player), Hotel Cortez (has not started yet), or The Acedemy for Villains (has not started yet)