I'm looking for somehone who could make an amzing cover

I’m looking for somehone who could make an amzing cover… This is what I got now…::

My story will be named: a vampires crush
I hope to find someone who could make this a little bit more realistic ?
You can make them pose diffrend it you’d like…
I just added the picture so you can see the mains…
My drawing skills aren’t that good… You will get featured ofcorse!

If your interested please show me some of your stuff… If it is what I’m looking for I’m willing to pay…

I hope someone can help me! <3


I can do it if you are willing to pay😊

i can try.

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Hi there.Are you looking for free or commissioned covers?

I could do a commissioned cover for you if you’re interested. I do semi-realisitic digital art.

I do a commission, you can see my example and price in my shop
👾 Pupplegum's art commission shop [OPEN]
If you’re interested, please contact me! :sunflower:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: