I'm looking for someone to do some cover art for my upcoming story



Hey! My name is Ruby and I’m currently working on a story called Arranged. It would be great if I could get someone to do my cover art because honestly, I’m no artist! I will provide pictures down below of my characters. Suitably, I would prefer them standing in front of a gang like setting. She (The girl) would be standing with her arms crossed and he (The boy) would be standing close and trying to protect her. Because I’m a new user and can only put one image in a post I will post the boy directly below. Thanks a lot, guys! Xxx


Here’s the boy!


I can do it!


Really?! That would be great! Thank you so much! Xxx


great I can start now! Let me tag some people.



Ok thanks


I would love to make your cover
@alexavelasquez12345 wanna do it


I will do it for you


umm I’m sorry we are already doing it. Art takes time and effort and we would hate to see ours wasted. Thank you! xoxo :kiss:


umm alright


thanks for understanding!!! xoxo- Amani :kiss:


I can need examples


hi Alexa! Ruby already found an artist. Us… thanks for helping the community though!!

xoxo- Amani :kiss:


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Hi there I’m also working on a story can you by any chance make me a cover too




Could i do something for you too




do you have an Instagram I can follow you on to send you the details of my story ?


sure do you have an Instagram for me to follow you for details?