I'm looking for someone to do some cover art for my upcoming story



Yes I do


Mine is Chesirekitten10 and you


I’ll text you from it now


ok great


i just sent you a message let’s see if I got the right account :sweat_smile:




wait i didnt get the message
Can you give me your insta plz


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE Just wondering how the cover art is coming along, xxx.


She’s suspended but I can


She is still doing your cover art! :blush:

I am in her group, I can ask her for an update, if you’d like!

@queenlanaixx We have this covered, but thanks for the offer.


That would be great! Xxx


Thanks for the offer but it’ll be right Xxx


I’ll send you her reply as soon as I can.


Ok, thanks xxx