I'm looking for someone to make me a background!



Hello everyone!:blush:

I’m writing my first story, but I need someone to help me to make cellphone background like when reading an ariticle on your phone and add the hand too.

I will give you credit in my story! If you can do this, comment below or PM me.
Thank you so much!:two_hearts:


@meadowh @NattyGomez @calico.episode


I’m out aaalll day tomorrow sorryy!


I can’t I’m on my phine in the car and I work in pcp if she could wait I can…


Yes, I do not need it now :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry!


I do this for my characters reading texts, and it looks like this:

But, I use overlays. Not a background. If you’d like me to create you a template I can do that.


Then sure! I’ll have it tomorrow any cellphone in mind or chat?


Yeah that’s an option :smile:


In my opinion it’s easier to use overlays so that you can just use @overlay NAME clear when you want to go back to the scene instead of creating a whole new scene with the background :slight_smile:


The problem is that I can not put the wallpaper on the phone :pensive:


Can you help her @jenniferrosem


Yes, I can.


PM me and I can help?


I think I will use an overlay, it seems less complicated!


Cool! Thanks :grin:


I’m sorry I just signed up and I do not know where to write to you.
instagram or here?


If you click on my name and message me, I can write you a script template to insert into your story. It’ll be easier to do on here than on Instagram.


And it’s okay!


please do not give me an idiot, but I can not find the key to send you a message:woman_facepalming: