I'm looking for this background help please!

Hello community I’m looking for the background below
I have seen it it various stories and I once saw it on a drive and it had different colors and banner with the school mascots but I did not save it :sob:
I’ve been looking everywhere but cant find it please help🤗
Btw screenshot is from “Uncontrollably yours” by Yves
Highly recommend❤️

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There’s not a background exactly like that which are provided by episode, but these are two currently provided variations:



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Thank you
I really hope I eventually find it though :hugs:

yea no problem. another thing you could do is to cut out the window and chairs and edit it onto the background there. It’s the “EXT. MG CAMPUS QUAD - DAY” background. So if you really want it you can just make it


Thank you so much I appreciate it! hopefully I learn how to make it on my own in the near future :grin:

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Hi! I can perhaps make you a new one? Just send me a new background you want behind the window, and I can get it done within 15 minutes. :relaxed:

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Thank you so much! I’m sorry for taking so long to reply it’s been a busy day lol
I will private message you :slight_smile: :two_hearts: