I'm losing motivation in continuing my stories šŸ„ŗ

At the beginning when I first started writing on Episode, I was soooo keen in learning about how this coding thingy worksā€¦ I even published 3 of my storiesā€¦but later deleted 2 cuz i have thought about revamping :woozy_face:
Well, I have been planning a book 2 if my prevoius story, but the thing isā€¦Iā€™m losing energy and mostlyā€¦motivationā€¦ :pensive:

Okay...I'm gonna be honest about sth....

When I look at my epi friendā€™s stories and they hit milestonesā€¦I feel happy for them, but sometimes I feel sad bcz I also worked hard, spent time coding stuff instead of studying (I even gave up my study time to code episode), also tried advanced directing. But, sometimes, I just wish if my story reaches some recognition (at least it could show up in trending shelf), or justā€¦get many reads? :woman_shrugging: I also spend time thinking how to make my story uniqueā€¦bcz readers like uniqueness.

Some of my close friends also said sth likeā€¦ "Your story is so good, it def deserves more reads than it has. "

Iā€™m not talking about myself, but also ALL the small authors out there who has unique storylines, who spend most of their time writing, creating and making good types of stories that readers will LOVE! And I personally think these stories should also get the attention of readersā€¦
And i dont think they get thatā€¦it makes me really sadā€¦ :sob:

Wondering about all these sh*ts makes me demotivatedā€¦idk whyā€¦but it just doesā€¦ :pensive:
I have also other ideas for different storiesā€¦but idk if I can really get the time and energy to write. :sneezing_face:

If you have read upto thisā€¦remember, youā€™re the best listener and an amazing person! Thank you for listening to me. It really makes my day! :pleading_face::blob_hearts::heart:


sometimes its hard espically when others achive much more then you. example I saw girl who publish her first story and a few week later she was on the weekly shelf. I was so jeleous over that. her stories where good but so are mine. I finally got on the shelf this year. and I am so happy for it. but it was a long time comming

its weird you put all the time and hard work into it. and barely achivce, and then you see others who do.

I am not saying others dont deserve all their reads, or that I deserve it more. sometimes its just hard to see stories full of mistakes and clichi keep ranking high on the app.


I have also learnt some basic coding and I know how difficult it is to write a story. I understand that u r demotivated rn u just need some tym off sweetie :heart: u just need some break cuz hearing and seeing things like this not getting enough reads even if ur story is worth hurts and is frustrating. You know what all say that good things take time and you can do anything and everything dear . Donā€™t loose hope because of it you know what u are and what ur capabilities are so just trust urself have faith and you will get through it. We all are here to motivate you Donā€™t worry everything will be fine :heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Youā€™re right :blush:
I just need some time off to focus on my studies and responsibilitiesā€¦
If Iā€™m determined that I will achieve sth good by writing on episode, the motivation will come automatically, hopefullyā€¦ :blob_hearts:
Thank you so much for the advice! :pleading_face::heart:

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Anytime love :heart: u will be as fine as wine after a small break and will be more focused

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I feel you :fist:t2:
But maybe you need time to rest before writing a new story :thinking::clap:t2:

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