I'm making free covers, overlays, and splashes!

I recently just learned how to make covers and splashes and I’m free to help anyone out! You must fill out the form or I won’t accept your request.

Max people I’m allowing in a cover is 3-4 because it will look weird also make sure to not put the details and pictures. Details are reccomended for better quality but take longer, pictures don’t have such good quality and will take less time so If you put both I’ll reject your request and you’ll have to find someone else. Also be sure to add a background, fill out everything in the form or it will be rejected.


Cover Examples


Cover Form

Author’s name:
Include author’s name in cover yes/no:
Title of story:
Include title in cover yes/no:
Short summary:
Social media tag:
Include social media tag yes/no:
Picture of each character doing preferred pose:
OR (Preferred for best quality)
Character structure and colors:
Character outfit:
Preferred animation(s) of character(s):
Preferred composition of character(s):
Colors to use:
Colors to avoid:
Specific overlays) example- flowers, headphones, guns, etc
Specific background for cover:
If an episode background, which zone:
Any textures:
Type of cover:
Anything else:

Splash Form

What the splash needed to say:
Author name and whether to or not to include:
(Optional: want your social media tag?) example- Instagram: abygail.bauman
(Optional: any characters? If so, give me a picture of the character(s) and what they’re wearing and what style- Limelight, INK, or Classic)
(Optional: specific animation(s) for character(s))
Colors to use:
Colors to avoid:
(Optional: specific background?) example: glittery OR a specific Episode background OR a picture
(Optional: specific overlays?) example: flowers, guns, etc
(Optional: anything else? List whatever you want to request!)

Avery :heart:


can you create overlays?

Ooh, nice examples!

I need a background for your cover, or I can’t go through with this request

Ok, it’s now accepted :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry that I cant do your request because of the amount of people in the cover, it looks weird and I’ve tried everything I’ve tried putting them into the frame but it just doesn’t look good, I’m going to have to reject your request and you didn’t fill it out properly you put details and pictures when I only asked for one.
I apologize, it’s my fault as the creator you’re going to have to find someone else I’m afraid.

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I understand. It’s perfectly fine. Have a good day and I hope the other covers will come out great! :blush: :+1:t5:

Author’s name:Eva Alone
Include author’s name in cover yes/no: No
Title of story:Mistakes
Include title in cover yes/no:yes
Subtitle:" Your mistakes haunt you for life, it leaves a scar"
Short summary:A girl who gets used by a boy.
Social media tag:evaalone.episode
Include social media tag yes/no:yes
Picture of each character doing preferred pose:
OR (Preferred for best quality)
Skin tone: Copper 05
Brow:Arched thin
Hair: Straight medium
Eyes: Round medium
Face: Diamond
Nose:Round broad
Lips:Full heart pouty
Colors to use:Light, watercolours
Colors to avoid:DArk colours except black
Specific overlays) example- flowers, headphones, guns, etc:Phone
Specific background for cover:A big phone with her crying. Then she is holding a phone
Any textures:IDK
Type of cover:420 x 580 and 966 x 642
Anything else:Nope
Picture of Character:


Hold up, it’s either the picture or the details, which one do you want me to use?


I don’t have experience with edits

@Sydney_H Can you close this thread please! :slight_smile:

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: