Im missing hairstyles?


I was playing the new episode feature story love life!
I saw some new hair styles but after looking at other people’s screenshots, they have hairstyles I didn’t even have an option for?

I updated the app and everything. I use iPhone 8.

Is this happening to anybody else?


I think the hairstyles your talking about a custom made. They created them their self.


That’s not what am I’m talking about


Did you use those small bottons in the bottom right corner: next and previous? to browse through all hairstyles, eyes etc?

(When I started customizing myself I didn’t see them at first :thinking::sweat_smile:)


That happened to me at first too lol I was like, why are there only four hairstyles? But yeah, that’s probably the problem. I can’t think of anything else it would be :woman_shrugging:

But then again, I’m dumb :neutral_face:


Yeah, I was so confused too :joy:


There’s no arrows :confounded:


Press next page?



Idk. It was a suggestion? :joy::joy:


Aren’t the bombshell waves some of the new styles?


Zaddy I don’t think you have the right story. Not even the background is right! :heart:


Either they haven’t come out yet ore they are custimade


That’s weird… it’s the same story?



Yeah that’s really weird :grimacing: