I'm model. I'm beautiful

Hello. I’m beautiful and I’m a model. I have many admirers. I’m kidding I’m not a model :joy:. Nobody is perfect :heart:. You accept yourself?



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I know you are beautiful, I see you every day at school

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I’m also a beautiful model. I may not be a professional and I also may not model, but I’m still a beautiful model in my mind and to someone out there lol

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welp can’t relate lol but good for you?




But you don’t have to write so you make us feel even more insecure to us that we don’t do the models. We don’t all have the possibility to be models😔

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Ma mi stai tradendo

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I am envious that you are perfect😍and I am not😪

Nobody is perfect and this is the true beautiful :heart_eyes:

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You are sweet

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Thank you, but this is the true

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