Im need a cover plz a good drawing artist FREE plzzz

I really need it lol

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I’m an artist idk if really good is to describe my art but I know there are a lot of art shops you can request amazing art from here: List Of Open Art Shops!

Or if your looking to pay for really good art look here: Official List of Artists who do Commissions! (2020)!


I dont know how to pay lol do you take money?

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Oh no I don’t do commission payed art the first list is full of free artist but my request list is currently super full

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Depending on how much you’d like to pay there are many of the artist who take commissions and draw for covers!

I dont known how to pay and my mom dont give me money

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Then you can always find artists who take requests!

Thank you

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Is your story in ink?

Ll lol

Okay now all you need to do is find an artist who does LL covers, or their own style! I’m sure you’ll find someone great!

Thank u soo much!

Hey u can help as well if u need
Just pm me

Oops I guess I am one year late :laughing::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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:joy: yeah u are lol
She would have got it till now probably :joy:

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