I'm new and I need help with my story

Hi guys,

I’m new here,

Very new

so I have created my story on mobile, well I’m almost done with my story. I have like 3 more episodes to do and then I’m done🙈.
My problem is , I have tried publishing it, and it don’t seem to show on episodes… Yet it says it’s published.

Also I haven’t even shared my story yet!
But I have created my own cover😀

And then lastly I need new outfits for my characters, I feel the ones in the story is little. Can anyone assist. Please :smile:

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Hmm I suggest going on www.episodeinteractive.com because you need at least 400 lines in each episode and you need at least 3 episodes to be able to publish. As well as for outfits they have a ton online you can choose from :slight_smile:


Agree, definitely use the web browser as mobile is limited.


Done that, it said my story is published. But I don’t see it.

Thank u, the web outfits I totally cool. But creating my story on the web is very confusing :woman_facepalming:

you can always ask for help !! people on the forum love to help you with the coding ! if you want to start of look right here

Super, thank u so much🤗

Hmm how weird did you send a support :ticket:

I did, I have to delete app and then re-install it. But still won’t open.

Whips, sorry the previous message was for something else, mistakenly sent that to you. :woman_facepalming: I did send email to support but still waiting on their reply.

Dw about it, nonetheless, I hope your issue gets resolved

Thank you for your help though

Kind Regards
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