I'm new and in need of help with the codings

Hi, I’m new to Episode and I don’t know the tricks of the writer’s portal when it comes to coding :sweat_smile:. If I could get some help on the directing it would b greatly appreciated :grin:

If you’re interested DM me @eve_blackheart for more information

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I would love to help you!

but how about we start on the smaller side

like something specific you need help with ~ :heart::heart::heart:

I can help!
But I also can recommend watching Joseph Evan‘s tutorials on YouTube and check out @Dara.Amarie‘s website! :white_heart:

I can do that just DM me on Instagram @eve_blackheart

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Hey if you still need to learn coding then, @mary9 started coding classes join her
Basic directing for beginners(:heart:´艸`:heart:)(:heart:´艸`:heart:) - Creator’s Corner - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)