I'm new and looking for a Frozen dress?

This is my first forums. I’m still new to all of this. I asked Episode for help and they send me here.

I know this might be a hidden outfit but I remember seeing Elsa’s dress from frozen in one of the demi lovato stories i cant remember which season. If i did i would show the picture of it. The character Maria wore it for a second and I was wondering if you will be willing to share the outfit with me or send a snapshot of it? That will really mean a lot me thank you!

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It might be a hidden outfit haven’t heard of it, but I was looking through some dresses and maybe it’s this. If not I’m sorry it’s not:

Yeah, When I read this post I instantly thought of that one… But in blue.

There is also one in blue

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Oh, I know. I think I came off wrong :joy:

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Its all good :slight_smile:

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I love your pfp!

Thank you for trying. I appreciate for the reply

No problem