I'm new and looking for a writing partner

So I really enjoy writing and creating stories however I’m a total newbie when it comes to creating a story in Episode and just know the basics of it, So if anybody is interested in creating a story with me and guiding me throughout the process that’d be great!
Also, don’t worry too much about the whole ‘‘guiding’’ thing 'cause ill do my own research.


Hey! I’ll be happy to help! I also have a Writing Group and my Group Mates will be happy to have you!


Okay, so I have some questions for you.

What’s your time zone?

Is English your first language?

Do you already have a story idea?

What is your favorite genre?

How long are you mostly on the forums?

I’m @AMagic BTW! Nice to met you!


-I have the European Time Zone
-It is but I also speak another two languages so sometimes I kind of just mix them up
-Not really I didn’t plan anything yet
-That’s a difficult one hahaha I’m in between drama, fantasy and thriller
-I mean I just joined however if we are indeed working on a story I’ll try to be there most of the time.

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Thank you so much!! If it’s no problem id be happy to join your Writing Group!

I’ll add you right now!

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