I'm new here, I have some questions about the rules for writing stories

I’m trying to create naked characters, I want to make it SFW. If theres a censor option please let me know. I’ve read some stories with naked characters with black boxes as the censor, does anyone know how to do this.

Also what are the boundaries of talking about mature content. I know the readers can be as young as 13. I wanna do serious topics like suicide, drug use, sexuality, etc. is that allowed here? Thanks! -Jordles

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You have to make an outfit using the clothing “Censor Bar”. It is available in all 3 styles.

It’s not prohibited but it may not be considered age appropriate.

would talking and showing suicide in my story be considered promoting suicide? kinda hard to draw where promoting things would fall into.

Unfortunately, I don’t know.

However, as long as you abide the rules, hopefully, you shouldn’t get it taken down.

have you read or know any stories with mature content, i would like to see how other content creators portrayed their stories.

I’m obviously just trying to send a message by talking and navigating these mature topics.

I have and talking about sucide and anything mature is fine,you just have to put a warnng at the beginning of an episode

I wouldn’t recommend it. It can be a sensitive topic for some. Of course you can reference it but keep it discreet, but there’s always the risk of your story being reported by readers and episode will then look into it and your story/account may be deleted because you haven’t follwed the guidelines.

It is allowed, as long as you don’t promote suicide or other mature content, but you can still talk about it. To see what we’re allowed to produce and mention when writing, read Episode’s content guidelines:))

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Hello. I’ve asked around. I’m writing kind of an autobiography about my mental health struggles, which include suicide, self-harm, anorexia, OCD, depression and anxiety. I am writing it from a past tense POV. For example:

I stood at the window and looked down.
I wanted to escape, but I also believed I deserved to die.
But now I know that suicide only leaves a mess.
It upsets the ones who love you, leaving them questioning themselves.

You are not allowed to portray suicide as a means of escape, which is why I am writing how I felt and explaining why it isn’t true.

One thing I beg of you, is not to throw serious topics like mental health in for ‘entertainment’ or for the sake of it. And don’t make a character’s mental health issues be their personality. Underneath all my uprightness, my anxiety, my worrying, I still have a personality- I’m kind, funny, playful.

If you don’t suffer from the mental health issue you’re portraying, DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. LOTS of research. It can be really upsetting for people who do suffer from a certain illness for them to see it made fun of or simplified. For example, anorexia isn’t just about wanting to be thin. It’s about someone feeling like everything is spiralling out of their control and that the only thing they can control is their weight and diet. Good luck.

thx for replying and i totally get you. I only plan to send a message about these topics that are hard to talk about especially for kids as young as 13. I believe they should still be exposed to these topics in a way that helps them understand and navigate these issues on their own.

Im not doing any of this for entertainment, i mean some of the content im writing is based on my own life, so its quite personal but I kinda wanna put it out there and spread the message. But dont worry, the story will be about a person struggling with an issue (whether it be mental or physical), and they overcoming toward the end of the story. Leaving only a message (hopefully) to help those who have similar issues going on in their life or to broaden their perspective of these issues.

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Sorry about that reply. I’ve read over it and I seem a little… aggressive? I’m just going through a bit of a rough patch, my mental health is worsening, so I don’t always… anyway, good luck with your story.

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