Im New Lol But Sup

cough, cough

I’ll request for fun

@NoahMorgan I found you a date!

@keiji is intereseted…

Wow I didn’t know you would do that​:scream::joy::joy:

well what have you thought
@NoahMorgan she would gladly go on a date with ya, just keep your jokes for yourself…

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I so looking forward to this​:sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

If you ever want message me i live in central time zone

Lol, now it’sss 1 am

I didn’t noticed that, and put me as a braid maid cuzz I’m your Shistar!

It’s 5:29pm for me. I live in Arkansas

I’m from Serbia!

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Can you put me a link here

Wow Thats cool


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Because i am talking to someone on the other side of the world

Lol, that is cool.

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Were like pen pals or something


I can speak english,spanish,and little bit of italian and french.