Im New Lol But Sup

Try telling her that and she will throw something at you

Lol, have you changed your profile pic?


Lmao, pleasedon’t go with him the guy and his creep powers…

Huh? I know he’s a creep
You said that many times before in Idk which thread
You said that so many times

But who said I was going with him?

Lol, I know, that’s cuz I’m still in shook


Yeah I wanted to make a new profile pic

Lol, it looks great!

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Sorry for the late respond i went back to sleep and thank you I made it last night

Lol, no prob.

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I’m still tired and It’s 6:54am and I am going back to sleep I’ll talk to you an a hour.:raised_hand:

See ya!

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Finally I woke up I was tired

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