I'm new, needing help. possibly looking for someone to help me with coding

Hey I’m Goanna (Anna),
I’m looking for help with coding and learning the ropes of making stories on episodes.
I do currently have some what of an idea on what I’m wanting to write.
I’m happy to credit you in my story, and more than happy to help you with your story writing and ideas.

I would like someone-
who knows how to make stories (obviously).
patient because it can be difficult to understand.
kind, because being kind is kind.
I would like to build a friendship with you, just so I know I gel with you.

I would really be grateful for your devoted time and effort to help me.
If it all go well we could work together more often as like a team.

Goanna :smile:

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Hi! Welcome to the forums! My name is Arrianna but you can call me Arri. I recently started a writing group and you sound like the perfect fit for it :grin: If you’re interested you can find out more here

Seventh Heaven Writers Club (ages 14-19)

Hey Arri,
Thank you for the invite. I will have a look at it.
If you need help with story ideas or writing help I’m more than happy to help.

I just had a read of the info, I saw that you are new to discord. i have been using discord for a long time I’m more than happy to help you out with making a group in discord.

I’ll PM you the link to join!