I'm new to episode. Any tips?


I’m new to Episode. Any tips?



Yes! :grin: take your time and don’t rush with writing your story :slight_smile: and ask if you not sure or if you have any errors.






If you want different colored text boxes use Mean Girls, if you Want a pink bubble for a title. Use Demi Lovato for a purple bubble, and Demi Lovato Season 3 For a purple bubble and different styled bubble. Make sure you use those as a title for a completely new story, then change it to what you want!

I feel you want a name to appear above a narrator box say the name is Lola then do NARRATOR (LOLA) and Lola will appear above the narrator box!

If you want your reader to choose there own name write input What’s Your Name | What’s Your Name? | Done [NAME] and when change the characters name on your behalf to NAME and then in text box write Hello [NAME] and that name will appear in bubble and above speech bubble.

If you have a background and/or overlay request Message Me :wink:

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Oh hey. I’m not exactly new to episode, but I’m new to the forums. If you’re publishing a story PLEASE don’t tell the viewers your new, just saying, bc that can send some viewers away- don’t put it in the story I mean. Yeah, take your time, make SURE you have really good grammer and spelling. I recommend writing your story first then learning to direct. I’d also make a test “story” to learn the directing commands. And if you have an questions feel free to ask me :blush:

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