I'm new to forums!


whats popping ladies and gentlemen - im jordan!

i currently dont know anyone here so im hoping to make some friends, also if you know any guys hmu (cause i think guys are rare on this site - ive been looking for some for some minutes).


Hey, nice to meet you :wave:
Yes, boys are rare on here, but there are a lot of other amazing people. :smile: If you need any help with something, hmu


thanks. would you like me to call you
or rainbowcat?


Cat is totally fine, I’ve never really thought of getting a normal name on the forums.

Also, be careful, on your first day here you only have a limited number of replies until you have to wait a whole day till you can reply to anything again


Welcome to the forums


thanks! what could you like me to call you? a nickname or Arim?


hi im dqrk!


Idk, you can call me what you want


Heyyyyyy @Epi.jordan! I hope you have a lot of fun in here! :grinning: and yep guys are extremely rare here.


Hey There! You can call me AS and a very warm welcome to the forums!

Yup, guys are limited in here. Buuuut, if it helps, I know a bunch of 'em –

@Manik @Elijah @Noah_Archer @Secretz_lol (please don’t kill me cuz I tagged you :sweat_smile:)


sorry, i am a loser, but i read that as ‘dork’


Welcome! Yeah there’s a small portion of boys here but I’m sure you’ll find some soon. I’m Saifana and you can pm me if you need help with anything :slight_smile: or just post a topic about it, either way I’ll see to it both ways lol.




I thought you have memory lost again and you said you are new to the forums, lol.


@epi.jordan Hey, I’m a dude, lol.


Dont worry. I dont think anyone is going to kill you. If they do they can get ready to get fried!:joy:


Omg! @AS007 that family is not safe for you! You should come and live with me!!!


I think I am prone to doing the same one fine unlucky day. Where I would forget I joined forums a long time ago and also get along with making a thread ‘Hey There Nice People! A Loser Has Joined The Forums!’, haha…




What?! What did they do?! What – In – The – Name – Of – God – Is --Going – On?!