I'm new to the forums :)



Yea… lol


Welcome to the forums!

Hope you have an amazing time here! Enjoying reading some new authors episode stories, Roleplay, A writing partner. If you have any questions or toturials I would suggest talking to @Jeremy or @Sydney_H they can help you with a lot! There are some amazing people on here that are very organized, Great Humor and a awesome personality!
Hope you have a awesome time on the forums! Make some great friends!





You’re welcome! It was a pleasure…

Nice meeting you Allie_Episode :blush:


Welcome to the forums!




Welcome and hello :smiley:


Ah! A new forumer!

Welcome to the Episode forums, Allie! I’m Adam :slight_smile:

It’s nice to meet you.

Aha I feel like one of those preppy girls that are all over the new kid smothering them with greetings…

But anyway…

Yea! We should be friends, because I love making friends… my PM’s are always open if you need anything! :blush:


@Jeremy please close this


You got it! Welcome to the forums! :smiley: