I'm new to writing a story I need a co-author




What do you want exactly?


I’d be glad to help you! What do you need help with?


Well how to add a scene


I need help on how to add a scene


Add a scene in general?




You’re using the portal right? Not on the app. If it is on the app there should be a + sign.

If you’re using the portal then you just put in the background.



Thank you :slight_smile:


No problem! :blush:


Oh hey, I just had to ask, but what’s the story called? I’m curious now :wink:




Cool! Also I just realized that the top of this says you need a co-author. If you do need one I’d be glad to co-author with you


Cool I’m really happy you can help


You can contact me on my insta or email.
Insta: blackjack.stories
Email: black.jack.stories.episode@gmail.com


OK bye for now :smile:


hey I’m back. one question how do we start writing this story


Anyway is fine. Also, did you email me? Because I did get an email, but I’m not sure you got it. I don’t know.:slight_smile: Hav a nice day, hope to hear feom you.


that can be put into more detail. There should be a button in the top left corner that says create. Or really any buttin that says something with create.