I'm not able to restore the app

My app keeps crashing since a long time now. I want to use it on another mobile device but I can’t restore. Since I cannot see my profile, my settings or anything at all, I can’t view my profile. When I try to log in on the other mobile device it says: It’s already used on another mobile platform. I already submitted a ticket and this is the second time I do it. Last time they couldn’t help me. So any advice? Cause I really don’t know what to do anymore.

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I have the same question, I can’t go onto Episode on my old phone because it won’t charge. So I can’t submit a ticket because I can’t access my support ID or the other code.

A support ID is not required in order to submit a ticket. Feel free to insert random characters or all question marks and I think it should work. Just inform the team on the ticket of what you mentioned here and all should be good.

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Oh okay, thank you!
I actually just submitted a ticket and wrote “Currently not accessible”.

I have this problemm too it says saved game not restored what i have to do i dont know what i have to do

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