I'm not doing well right now and I need to talk to someone

everything got worse and I don’t know why I’m talking to random people on episode about this.
my friends and family are all sick and tired of hearing about my shit I’m sure.
I just wish it could all end


Ik you don’t know me but honestly this is a great community to talk things out with trust me it’s amazing. And if you ever wanna talk I’m available


I had a really bad period where my depression got terrible a couple of months ago, so I dropped out of school and began homeschooling. and now it’s coming back and everyone’s tired of my complaining and everything just feels like crap

Even though we are very random we still are people who can listen and try to help. If you want to rant to me PMs are always open

Pm me if you need help and someone to listen to what’s wrong I’m all ears with a caring heart

I’ve been going to a therapist for a while now, and she really helps. but the things I used to love and still love (nail art, episode) just don’t make me as happy anymore if that makes sense.

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You can always talk to me. :heart:

Bitch the Queen Of help has arrived at your doorstep. Open up and let me hear what you need to say, boo.

  • xoxo

I’ve went through lots of nervousness, accidents, depression, fake friends, anxiety, definitely my SIBLING, heart burns (where it stops for a minute and comes back to life.
I also have a friend in the hospital too.

Periods heart like hell, stomaches or cramps are definitely the worst of periods, and it’s uncomfortable to use the bathroom. Usually I like to hold my pee, or usually sometimes wash my hands. Depression has gotten harder it hit so hard I almost felt like committing suicide. Because one thing you know you have a friend, but turns out they’re just fake. I’ve also been bullied from the past 2 years. I mean yep, I’m not pretty?, and not easy to aim for, nor am I dumb, I fight back, but when they’re words hit so hard, I need to sit down and take a break. My parents usually sometimes listen or on they’re phone constantly. It’s like talking to a break wall.
I have never had scars on my body, because my body is too perfect to ruin, and I think it will not help solve your problem any less. And of course I think episode is as less fun, usually I only read 1 episode and I’m then like DONE
Sometimes I think nobody may understand me much. And my parents have thought of taking me to therapy like my brother.

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