I'm promoting my story "Live Stage"!

Hi guys!! A month ago I started writing my first story on Episode named “Live Stage”(genre:ROMANCE). The MC of the story is Maddie, a 25 y/o independent woman that has a really complex idea about “life” in general. “Life is a stage and every single person we meet on our way is a character of our own theatrical representation.” Will Maddie understand who are the important ones? Well she’ll tell you this through a large 9-year flesh beck.


Hey wanna do a rfr? I just published my story!

Story: Not Who We Were
Author: Pippin
Style: Ink
Genre: Comedy (Romance/Drama)
Description: Senior Gabrielle Bannon is one year away from going to her dream college. All she has to do is avoid all distractions, including her childhood crush. Should be easy, right?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6180768180666368

My Instagram is @/pippin.episode and my dms are always open :))

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Hii…I’m definately a small author and you know what I had posted my first story today only…
If you are hard to looking for suspene , action, romance , drama you definitely would love my first story.


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Reveal.Sky of love
Guys if you are really up for R4R message me on my IG : @diami.ttal_writes