I'm ready to do read 4 read with you!

Hey, guys!
I’m really curious about your stories!
And I’ll read your story if your read mine.
But there is only one rule:
I’ll read your story, but only when you read it first!
It means I will be waiting for some screenshots from you in order to prove that you REALLY read it.

When I do read 4 read, I usually:

  1. Leave a funmail.
  2. Make the shout out on IG.
  3. Leave some feedbacks and maybe a little review
    And it’d be really nice, if you do the same.

Okay, now about my history.

Title: Until You Knocked On My Door
Author: Julia
Style: Ink.
Genre Drama\romance
Number of Episodes:6 ongoing
Description: Life plays a cruel joke with us sometimes. And this girl is no exception. She couldn’t even imagine, that only ONE KNOCK on the door can turn her whole difficult life upside down.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5789794969452544

If you interested, let me know there and send me screenshots on IG.
Instagram: @Juliaepsd

Hope you like it!
p.s. I’m always read the stories after sending the screenshots, just in case.

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Hey i’ll love it if you read my story

Title: Engaged
Author: Navya Sallan
Genere: Comedy
Style: Ink

Description: What happens when you suddenly find out that you are engaged to a hot stranger in America and are forced to move to America with him!!



Sure! But you should send me screenshots of my story and only then I’ll start to read yours )
That’s because a lot of people offered me r4r, I’ve read their stories, but they didn’t read mine. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Hey ! I read your story and it was so good !! I loved the different backgrounds and zooms and i really liked that phone overlay that popped up !!

The only weird thing was this

At the eng of the chapter this thing happens … speech bubble is … so small

And i would like if i could see the characters face from the car :red_car:

And this speach bubble is messed up

Otherwise I loved the plot and different text animations !! Keep the good work !!! I would definitely read more !

That’s how I want to end all of the chapters) and where the bubbles were small, it was my own point )

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But thank you anyway! I will read your story when I get my passes)
Where do you want me to write you? Do you have IG?

whats an IG??


yeah i have … its navya.s1

One more question) how many chapters did you read?:slight_smile:

  1. your story is in my favorites !! I’ll definately read more :slight_smile: and I’m reading right now too Lol!!

Ohh and tell me about my story in here only!! I barely use my insta so … yeah :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:

Okay, get it! Thank you​:heart::heart: I will send you screenshots and feedbacks as soon as I read 3 chapters of yours​:heart:

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Hi you can read my story and I will read your story

Title: Celebrity Drama
Author:Lana Lawrence
Number of episodes: 3 ongoing
Description:Celebrities hanging out and then suddenly their friend starts to take her boyfriend away
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5854111903907840

Hey! I’ll read your story and if anybody else here wants to do a read for read, let me know!!
Title: Stuck in the Middle
Author: Steph
Style: Ink
Genre: Action/Comedy
Chapters: 7 (ongoing)
Description: Skyla is a graffiti artist on her own until she gets stuck in the middle of two rival gangs! Action, comedy, and a wee bit of romance. Can you handle all that?

Okay I am already reading your story

Hey everyone!

I’d like to promote my story called Upside Down here.
Below you can find the information you need to try it out.

Author: Alphan
Story Title: Upside Down
Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery
Style: INK
Story Description: June escaped her previous life. Will she meet people who will love her or will her old enemies destroy her again?
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6390501417418752
Instagram: alphan.episode

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram to contact me or for sneak peeks of the story!

I’m up for read for reads as well, contact me on Instagram for that, please! :kissing_heart:


Hey! As I’ve already said , I will read your story only after you send me screenshots of mine) There are a lot of people, who wrote “ hay come on let’s make 4f4”, then I read their stories, but they don’t read mine, so, I’m tired of this and decided to make R4R only this way) hope you understand)

Hey there! <3 I’d love to read your story and also I’d love to know your opinion on mine! <3

You can send me screenshots on instagram: daniellecassidy.episode

Here’s my story details :slight_smile: <3

Story title: Hollywood Bliss
Author: Danielle Cassidy
Genre: Romance (also a comedy)
Style: INK
Episodes: 4 (ongoing, 5 comming out soon!)
Story description: Sandy’s life turns wild when she becomes MC in a musical and her co-star is the most popular bad boy in Hollywood…

Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/53418535505100801

I would love to check out your story! I’ll send you screenshots on instagram to prove that I did in fact read your story! Anyways here’s my story if you’re interested:

GENRE: Romance/Fantasy
STYLE: Limelight
EPISODES: 3 (Ongoing)
DESCRIPTION: A normal girl life turns upside down when a couple of gods ask her for help. Her objective is to return them to the heavens, but some obstacles may get in the way

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Hey girl! If you read my story, I read you as well, that will be fair, I guess) just send me screenshots :slight_smile:

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