I'm ready to Launch my First book

However, they have yet to Approve my cover. Is it still worth Publishing with a Generic Cover Page?

I think it’s better If you wait for the cover. A good cover is often what convinces someone to open a story.

Its been 6 days and I have to move to my next book. I don’t like waiting like this when they want people to write books for their platform. Its ridiculous

Yes, the Episode team taking a long time to approve images is an often problem, but couldn’t you just work on youre other story while waiting for the cover to be approved?

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I know how frustrating the wait can be for a cover, as Lelsaac suggested, you are better off waiting it out (trust me, it is a pain. You want to show what hard work you have made and you gotta wait for the cover to upload.)

What you may do now, is start on your next story whether this is through drafting or writing it. This will help you kill some time and even give you some time to generate some more ideas for your initial story.

In the end, it will be worth it as you would be very proud of what you have produced, you have made something special and you’ll appreciate it in its full glory. However, I most definitely appreciate how annoying it can be.

I upload backgrounds and overlays which take years to be approved haha - I am planning to edit my story anyways and the approvals are taking their sweet time.

Generic cover pages usually are less attractive than a proper cover not only for other readers but even for yourself.

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Here’s the cover, do you all think it will get denied?

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I think it’s fine tbh

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Unless the hallway or the transparent girl has a copyright, I don’t think it should

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Nah I don’t think their copyright. I made sure i searched Non-copyright pictures


The premise of the story seems really interesting btw!

Based on the Cover?

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Yeah, and the title too.

Has a sort of thriller/horror vibe to it.

It is a Zombie Survival Adventure Story

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Well they approved my cover today but on the wrong version. How can I delete the INK version so they approve the LL?

http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6539982032207872 here is the link to my work