I'm really angry, so here's a rant

Hey there, if you feel like reading some random rants, you can read this.

I have really problematic anger issues and a short temper. You didn’t know that, did you? Of course you didn’t. Nobody does. You wanna know why?


All that I’ve ever been known to people is either boring or annoying! People have never liked being around me, and even when they say they do, they just get bored and wished they were with somebody else!

I am a 13 year old girl. You hear me, 13! Most girls my age would be hanging around with their huge group of over 10 friends, but look at me, I only ever talk with one person: MY BRAIN! I guess that I’m just too ‘boring’ or ‘annoying’ to even matter! Admit it, you believe that too! ADMIT IT!
The only friends that I’ve had just used me to rant to me and try to guilt-trip me into their bullshit, but whenever I tried doing the same to them, they’d never even try to help, all they’d ever say is ‘omg!’ and ‘wtf!’. After that, I was just chopped liver to them.
I’ve never been able to relate to anybody in my entire life. Even my two sisters, they were liked when they went to school, they had friends. But, not me! I’d spend every single lunch break sitting at a bench on MY OWN.

… That made me feel a little better.

Have you ever felt like this? That you were born without a purpose? That you won’t matter to anybody how no matter hard you try? I doubt it, but that’s how I’m feeling.

This rant was probably pointless to post here on the Episode forums, but it’s made me feel better knowing that other people can see this.

Comment your thoughts, comment ways that you can relate, comment whatever. Just don’t comment “Life’s f***ed up.” Because I’ve heard enough of that.

Bye guys, let’s hope that you won’t see this side of me ever again…

Okay, so the thread has been closed. I’m kind of glad that it is though, so thank you, Jeremy. I just needed to release my anger quickly and fast, so I did it here. Also, I didn’t know that you guys have been starting to remove rant threads, so I’d like to apologise for not checking that out first. Thank you for letting me release my anger, Episode Forums. You’ve been a big help, once again.


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