I'm really worried my art scene won't get approved

Im paying an artist to do an art scene for me and I’m really worried that my money will go to waste if the scene doesn’t get approved. The artist I am paying uses a very unique style of art from other episode art. She sculpts the dolls in a 3D form so it looks like they are more are 3D animation characters so im worried it won’t get approved because of this because episode will say its imitating or its copyrighted. How can I prevent my art scene from getting rejected?

If it’s original it probably won’t be rejected.

Few things:

  1. I don’t think anyone owns the right to 3D art. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  2. If he watermarks it and that is an issue, just email Episode and let them know that the artist created the art at your request.

  3. If these characters have any likeness to Episode characters or has aspects that have any likeness to Episode clothing, tattoos, etc. this person can’t legally charge you money for it. Just an FYI.