I'm reworking a story, and I need a cover artist or suggestions for ones. 🎨

What I’m asking for:

Art under 30 dollars for suggestions, it’s my budget because Covid-19 sucks, and I’m pretty much broke, lol.

  • A LL Full Body Cover
  • You DEFINITELY have to be a great digital artist for this because the ideas complex, and I bet many of you are. :star:
  • To be able to get this done within 5 weeks, which I think is a pretty good timeline because I’d like to release my story by early April. :smiley:

If you want to do this, please pm me. I’ll ask to see your work and decide if it goes with the style I’m looking for, and if I think it’s a good fit, I’ll send you the details of what I want. Thanks. :slight_smile:



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Hi :blue_heart:

I would be happy to do a cover for you if you like. My art is free and these are some examples of covers I have done recently with the latest on the left. If you would like to see some more examples, there are quite a few on my Instagram @rowenj_epi

I hope you have a great day/night and I completely understand if you would like a more experienced artist, better art or a different style. :blue_heart:


Here are a bunch of fantastic commission artists:
@Tara3 @MysteryMaker @Bertha @ZamiraArts @anon6748744 @Jessica15 @Soupy @Mystery.Author @archh_07 @LitchiMoon

Hope this helped!


Thank you so much for recommending me :blue_heart:


:relieved: :heart: thank you


thanks for recommending me :heart::heart:


Thank you so so much again love!! :heart:

Hi there!! I would love to help out, this sounds so good! :heart_eyes:




First of all, you can message me for any questions without commitment! :blush: And ask me about the price of a piece if you’re not sure, and don’t hesitate to decline after if you’re not sure, no worries!
I use PayPal for the payment.
We will talk about what you want, I will suggest things if you’re not sure, help out figure out how you want the drawing :heart:
After that, if you confirm your order I’ll get the sketch started :raised_hands:t2:
After showing you the sketch (with watermark) and make any changes you want me to without problem! Once you like it, we will proceed to the payment. Once I receive the money, I will continue and finish the piece and let you know how long it will take.
I will answer any questions you have and keep you updated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
When the piece is finished, I will send it via the media we were talking on (Forums, Instagram…) make any changes you want me to without problem and if you like it, I will send it via email so you can have the best quality possible!
No credit needed, of course!

Thank you so much, I really hope we can work together with this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Have a great time!!


Thank you for recommending me :two_hearts: I’ve already messaged them about it :relieved:


Thank you for the offer. I’ve found an artist but your work is amazing!


I love your work, I’ve found an artist. Thank you for the offer. I’m going to close this thread in a minute. But I appreciate the offer.


Hello I have a art shop for verrrrryyyyy cheep prices go for 2-5 depending on whitch type you get
here is my shop

Read first then go to my website the link is on the topic.

Examples on website

There is also a big raffle

Check it out!!

Ask for a coupon on a pm

I do art story covers if you’re still looking

but I’m not very good,
here’s some of my work:


story cover examples - Google Drive

Not anymore. Love your work but I’m trying to get the topic closed, lol.

ok, thx

Hi! @KylieJay makes beautiful art, and her prices are cheap.

The shop itself is closed, but you can PM her, and see her availabilites.

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Hi ! i can do your cover for 3$…dm me if u are interested…!!!

Can you make one for me?

I can do your art for 25€ it’s a special offer, it would normally cost 40€

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A recent example

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