I'm searcing for an episode story

Hello there,

I was reading an episode story. In this story there is a man named Mad and he is the boss from an underground auction market. The name of the girl starts with a P but I don’t know it anymore…

I liked this story pretty much, but I can’t find it anymore since I have a new phone. I have linked my account to the phone but it’s not there and I can’t remember the story name.

I hope anyone know’s which story I mean because I search way to long for it and I’m really desperate.

Much love

Baddest by Hope Moon. The story was banned.

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Why was the story banned? Oh my god, I loved it…
And thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

It baddest

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I’m not really sure as I never read it myself. Something to do with it romanticising the black market I think.

The author has two new stories that you might like?

Yes I read and love them already, but tjank you for your informatiom about baddest :blush: