I'm so confused about the point system?

Hi! I’m superrr confused about the point system.

I read Dara’s guide and it makes sense in general BUT I want to have multiple sets of point systems and I have no idea how to do that.

I created a new character for my first set of point systems, but what do I do from here? This first point system is friendship points with her best friend and the first choice is to deny that anything is happening when she questions her on something or to tell the truth.

If she denies that anything is happening I want her to lose 3 friendship points. If she tells the truth I want her to gain 3.

How do I do this? Thanks!

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its actually really simple, you just add them in same way to diffrent charaters

in my story you can earn love points for the diffrent love interst

two are called Manu and Vilina

its just

you did something giving you a vilina point


you did something makeing manu angry

@MANU -1

if (VILINA= 1){

I love Vilina

else {
I dont love Vilina

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Just write @Character +1 and tell the readers through readers messege or overlays

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I think it’s just:


readerMessage Friendship points -3


readerMessage Friendship points +3


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Ohh okay that makes sense tysm!!

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