I'm so confused on this overlay

Okay so every time I try to spot direct my overlay I get this:
Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 1.19.12 PM
I’ve got that message for all 3 lines of code on that one overlay but I have no error messages on my other overlay
Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 1.18.59 PM
I don’t know why I’m getting it - can anyone help?

(For extra context, the second overlay is the one I’m having trouble with but it also is pending to be approved - I’ve never had this problem before though.)

Have you tried removing it from the INT… line and instead putting @overlay TOP TABLE AND CHAIR create before the rest of the commands? I can’t see any error in what you’ve shown, so give it a try?

The other thing is, you shouldn’t need all of the numbers before the rest of the overlay name in the first overlay. Shouldn’t it simply be “BOARDROOM TOP TABLE”?


I think it’s the name of the overlay. The « and » between might be causing the trouble, I had the same thing :cry:


That’s what I was thinking, hence why I suggested using the @overlay ___ create command because the AND might be confusing the script? Right…?


I think it will still be a problem because the script will read « and » and think there’s another action happening (idk if that makes sense :joy:). For the shifting and scaling for example…


Yeah haha… good point. In that case— @Verity24 you’d be best renaming the overlay x


yeah it’s because of the AND - overlays cant have AND in name because than the script confuses it for command

if you need to have the AND in name write it like this

then it will script see as one long word

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Yeah, it’s only like that becuase I copied + pasted it from the side :))

Ahh that makes sense, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip!

None of my others have “and” in their name which is why I’ve never had it before, thank you all for your help :))


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