I'm so confused, what does this mean?

I got this today and I’m so confused, what does the certificate mean?


Interesting I’ve never seen that before… have you recently tried one of episodes tutorials or something


No I haven’t.

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I have never seen this. @Sydney_H or @Nick do you know anything about this?

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Uh, it’s a congrats, you completed the Advanced Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial for what? :thinking:

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Learning…advanced things…

maybe it because you recently joined the comunity and you aldready know a lot of things ?

I didn’t recently join. I just created a new Episode account that’s all cause I left temporarily before and then I joined Episode again early this month.

for them you’re new and not on a new account , so maybe the epibot gave you it cuz you’re “new” for them and you’re aldready “Advanced”/know a lot of things

Oh okay.

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I’ve never seen this before, but Nick may know more about it. :thinking:

You asked Epi-Bot for the Advanced Tutorial, and that’s your congrats!!

You more than likely unlock this certificate once you complete/receive a certain amount of forum badges. I will look into this more and can’t congratulate you enough for accomplishing this! :partying_face:


No, it isn’t.
I got it on another forum, and I know that it’s for completing the Advanced User Tutorial.

Awesome! Either way congrats to all who unlock it! :party_time:

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