I'm so lost. please help me

So i’m writing my first story and is trying to start the first scene with the main character lying in bed. I want to use one of those birds eye view bed but I don’t know how to code it. I tried watching Joseph Evans under the bed sheets tutorial on youtube but it did not work for me. Please help me


Do you have the background for that?

Yes, I do

Then could you eloberate more what exactly the problem is?

Here’s the bed spotting sheet:

And for blankets, just move the overlay (spot it) around but make sure that the blanket is one layer higher than the character so example:

@CHAR spot 1.26 160 0 AND CHAR moves to layer 0
#I used a random coordinate here, so just change it accordingly
@overlay BLANKET moves to layer 1


Okay let me elaborate. I have a few questions first. I’ve read posts where people are using the beds as a background and others are using it as an overlay. Does it matter? And the problem i’m having with it is how to actually code it. For example, I put the background name with overlay name then tried adding my character but I keep getting an error message. I tried doing it the exact same way joseph evans did it in his tutorial but still didn’t work

It doesn’t matter, imo ideal would be to use the bed as a background and the blanket as an overlay. What does the error message say?

Thanks!! I’ll try it and let you know the results

if you need help with any spot directing / coding lmk : )

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That the background doesn’t exist

Thank you so much. I’m going to try again tomorrow using the link I was given from a previous post. I most definitely be asking for your help

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I do. With the laying in a bed showing my character sleep and wake up with her talking while in her bed without her disappearing or her just sleeping and waking up and watching it happen for the pause for 5 or 10. And then without her getting out of the bed and disappearing. And putting her in zones and beds the right way and using the following command the right way and different ways to do it. And to make my character walk the right way and lay the right way not lay backwards or walk backwards. Idk why it does that to me. But it gets me upset. I have the bed backround and my character does the same thing on that she will keep going off the screen and popping up right back on again really random. Its not supposed to do that. And shes not supposed to walk backwards. I need her to lay in any bed the correct way and walk the correct way. And to follow my characters all over the place using follow command right and in all ways to do it. And zooming on them and spotting and cutting from character to character then zoom. I dont know if I am doing anything wrong but i obviously am. And idk what… How in the world do I actually do all of that in the right and very correct order. Pleaz help me and pleaz explain.? Thank u!.

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Hi! I actually struggled with the same thing when i first started writing, I can help you but first i need to know if your story is in INK style or limelight? it’ll be easier for me to explain after i know the style :crazy_face: :two_hearts:

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How long have you been writing on Episode?


If you have an error saying the BG doesn’t exist, it mostly likely means you didn’t put the overlay in correctly, or the line following the background line isn’t coded correctly. You should share a screenshot of the few lines, and it would be a lot easier for us to help.

@JANAE spot 0.48 295 424 in zone 1 AND JANAE faces right AND JANAE starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop
Every time I try to place the characters and preview it’s now saying to be continued as if I didn’t add anything.

Did you put some text in after it?


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omg thank you so much I didn’t know I had to add narration before preview. I thought I could preview her lying there. It worked thank you. Question, to zoom in do I put zoom after INT…

Yep, zoom on the next line.