I'm so sorry about my sister


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I’m so sorry it was my sister who is out of order.
Once again, I’m so sorry guys!!






My sister done it, not me


I’m sorry




done what?


You know the last post…




You know… ’
How can I put the character in front of the overlay?


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that

im sorry but the amount of times people have blamed their behaviour on someone hacking their account is unreal, so i dont think i believe you hon


Honestly, it’s my sister!!! I don’t type like that!!


Look at the previous posts, if it was me I would say thank you for your help.


yeah okay well tell your sister that calling my dead mom a hoe is disrespectful as fuck and she aint nothing but a little pipe up on social media. as soon as someone said she’s gon be suspended she shut her lil mouth didn’t she?

whether it was u or ur sister, i dont accept your apology cuz my momma meant everything to me and for her/you to call her a hoe when she had no clue what was going on wit me was so inconsiderate and horrible.



I understand that your mum means everything to you. My mum is means everything to me but I hate the way my sister is so rude and disrespectful to you and to everyone else. Once again, I’m sorry.


I totally get why you are posting this, but I will have to agree with @AnonymousAuthor1 since I can’t be sure if you are really telling the truth or not


it seems to me like she realised she fucked up and wanted to blame it on her sister.
i dont even care if im coming across as rude


I’m telling the truth!!!


Now don’t get TO cranky though :sweat_smile: she is apologizing to us for the confusion, but if we start arguing again this will just become the same problem as the last thread


Lol, I won’t start an argument whereas my sister did last time