I'm so sorry about my sister


Can I say thanks for all your help on the last post


ahem I know it’s not my business but @AnonymousAuthor1 I agree. @Natalia.Episode TELL YOUR SISTER TO CHANGE HER ATTITUDE

I’m sorry you had to go through that @AnonymousAuthor1 you’re really sweet and don’t deserve to have been treated like that.


I’ll tell her


thank you boo, it was a few years ago but it doesnt mean shit like that is any easier


This is not an argument. But I don’t think apologizing is going to fix ANYTHING what whoever say that to AnonymousAuthor1. That kind of words is truly painful especially when someone mother is dead and they have no idea what that person goes through but to heard that from someone talking about someone mother and calling out of her name is plain disrespectful and ignorant. That’s all I got to say so I’m done here with my comment about it.

But overall, I understand that there was a huge problem and drama on the last thread but I just needed to say that because I’m going through something similar to that.


Thank you


I totally understand what you are trying to say @Cannie, I faced off the exact same problem and I will really be disgraced if a person made fun of on of my family member when they are dead


I know I may be interfering, but I can’t help it. @Natalia.Episode Whether it was your sister or not, you apologized and that is what counts. Make sure you or your sister never talk to someone that way. It could really hurt. Also, I do understand what it’s like to have an annoying sibling. @AnonymousAuthor1 I do understand your point of view and why this would frusterate you. Also, I’m sorry for you loss.

Remember that: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” I know I’m quoting "To kill a Mockingbird, but Atticus is giving great advice here.


whatever, its fine. im done talking about it



If is true or not I will accept your apology for this misunderstanding, I’m not saying I do trust you but at this rate all I can say that you take full responsibility for this action and make good decision future on :slight_smile:


It’s hard to tell whether or not you’re telling the truth-but tell your sister (if it’s her) that the type of behavior she exhibited is just plain rude and disrespectful-if someone called my mom that, I would be hurt and mad. We appreciate our moms and what they do-your sister and you wouldn’t like it if someone called your mom that-the feeling you get inside is upsetting-our moms are the ones who raised us, they are the ones to lean on for support, but they also push us to do great things in life and inspire us to follow our dreams. However, it is nice of you to make an effort to apologize-perhaps get your sister to apologize, too? She needs to realize the wrong she did and know that she can’t go around, whether it be online or in the real world, calling people’s mom’s that. It’s a horrible thing to do.




@AnonymousAuthor1 my heart goes out to you I’m so sorry.


What a gorgeous quote and how true it is. @AnonymousAuthor1 I give you all my love - I could never imagine how deep the grief you have is but I had a friend who lost her mother and I KNOW I AM LATE but people REMEMBER THIS PLEASE - grief never leaves, it lingers and stays, the shape of grief will change but it stays.

My father lost his dad and it’s been years but the wound is so fresh - my dad still dreams about my grandad and it helped me understand how deep grief can be so people y’all better learn to be more considerate because you may think a small insult is just an insult but as you may cause some damage!