I'm so sorry for my questions!

I’m trying to get her into the bath outfit i made earlier but it sys it’s not a valid directing command and I don’t know how else to change her into the outfit.

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It shall be:
@CHAR changes into outfit_name
and then
@CHAR enters from left to screen center AND CHAR faces right

And don’t worry, forums are for asking questions and getting answers! :blush:

@EDEN changes into (outfit)
@EDEN enters from left to screen center AND EDEN faces right

Any character changing outfit has to be a stand alone code meaning that you cant add anything else

Thank you so much :slight_smile:
I was honestly starting to feel like i was disturbing everyone!!
First story can be a bit difficult

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Thank you so much:)

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Joseph evens has a YouTube video for everything. I wouldnt be suprized if their was a video about changing outfits!
Any of his videos would be supper helpful anyways ~

I’ve been using his videos ,but I saw one for giving the choice to the reader to choose an outfit instead of how to change the characters into them, but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.

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Dara Marie temple’s are great for it to

Don’t mention it, glad I could help. :blush:
Don’t ever feel like that!
Sure thing, youndon’t want to know how long it took ME to finally understand how things work. :sweat_smile: