I'm so upset! Can't SAVE my work!

Episodes won’t let me save my story anymore and it’s not even past 800 lines…

I’m having the same issue. Looks like it’s not just me. Hopefully there’s a solution for you soon if you can’t figure it out.

i think its servers are down there’s quite a few people having issues like this

Whenever I try to edit my characters or outfits, it takes me to an error message page. Many others have been experiencing this too- we think it’s an error with the server. i’m just going to wait until it’s fixed.

I know! I worked so hard on that scene and now its gone!

did you copy and paste it onto something else? if there is ever an unable to parse thing you should copy and paste it onto another doc, and paste your script back in once the servers fix and are working.


Thanks. I got it back lol.

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