I'm sorry! I hope y'all can be patient with me!


I’m not sure where to post this at… so if it’s in the wrong spot I’m sorry!!!

I just want to say to everyone I’m sorry for everything that has happened… to people who have request waiting with me… please pm me… so I can talk to one on one!!! I am working on all the request I have waiting right now… but I think I’m taking a break from art after they are finished… I have to fix some things… I hope I have not disappointed anyone… and please remember to be patient with me as I fill out y’all’s request… I will make a list and keep you all updated… I have started them… I just need to finish them… so please anyone waiting on art from me personally pm me…


I know y’all are waiting on things from me and I have a few on insta as well…
And anyone else I forgot to tag… please please message me so I can get your request finished… I will be closing my art thread today… I have had fun making art for everyone… thank you all so much!!!



@ChayChay don’t leave me :sob:
I hope this work out in the future, because it seems like you a great artist.


I’m not leaving forums… just taking a break from doing art for a little while… thanks for the love and support


@ChayChay I know, but at the confession forums everyone said you was a great artist, and I believe them!


Thank you… there has been some things that have happened and I have to try my best to fix them… so I have to take a break from doing art to fix things that’s all… I will be back to doing art before we know it!!! It’s not goodbye it’s just see ya later… :grin: I’ll still be here… to help people when need… if they want me to be their artist they can pm me and I’ll probably do it… because I love making art… it’s a hard decision that’s for sure… :confused: But I have to fix broken things… :grin: I want to fix everything’s and some things I know I can’t… but I gotta try… :grin:


@ChayChay that the spirit. I can’t wait to finally see your art.

If you have time IF, can you send some your art for I can look at it. IF you have time.


Do you have instagram?? All y examples are there… lol I use my phone so I had to or them on insta…


No I don’t… it okay!


I’ll send some to you… one sec


So my waitOmg list as of now is
@v.episode large cover
@G_vanessa both covers
@Efee.N background
@StarDream09 background/portrait
@belle141 small cover
@AnimeOtome2 large cover
@AlexGarciaWasHere splashes

And I know there is a few more… if I don’t have you on this list and you are waiting on art from me please comment your user name down below… thank you so much for u everything…


Hello @ChayChay! This is Sydney the Moderator. Yup, you did create this in the wrong category, but don’t worry! :wink: I just moved it into the General Chat since we’re not discussing Episode stories or topics. If you need any help figuring out where stuff goes, check out our Forum Tutorial! :wink:

Thank you for reading and have a great day! :sunglasses:




It’s OK! We understand.




You’re welcome. Stay well, and rest enough, please.


Will do. I’m trying… thanks for the support


No problem.