Im sorry if i ask too much question😅

sometimes i see fable; contest story and i get confused
what does it mean?

Fabled is the current contest and stories that are apart of this contest need to have their story titled with “Fabled:” and then their own unique title. It makes it easier to see which stories are apart of the contest going on at the time. (:

Here’s a link to the Fabled contest for more context:
Announcing the Fabled Writer’s Contest

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so stories without fabled does not do contest?

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hi @Sydney_H ill like to change my forum name

Yes, that’s right, stories without “Fabled:” are not apart of the current contest unless the author(s) have forgotten to add it to their title, however, a lot of authors actually remove the contest name from their title once the contest winners have been announced.

oh now i understand

thank you