Im sorry 😞 ( why i couldn't finish some drawings)

Hello guys. I though i should make this topic so i could tell you that, unfortunately im in the hospital…i haven’t been feeling so well lately and i ended up in the hospital.
Also i don’t have any instruments on witch i can draw with me…
So i wanna apologise to those i had to draw :cry:
@Bree_ONeill @willowkayyy @Safi @ccarti

I hope i didnt forget anyone… and again im really sorry, i hope you can understand.

Before i post this, i wanna also say that i will be taking a couple of weeks off episode forums. Because my only priority is now to get better…

I hope all of you are fine. Take care of yourself :two_hearts:. And again, im really sorry i couldn’t finish the drawing to those i had to.


im so sorry youre not well, dont even worry about it !! wishing u a quick recovery <33

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Aww poor girl it’s okay no worries , you’ll be fine in no time i hope you get better :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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don’t worry about those drawings just focus on getting better we love youuuu :two_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

Get better. I’ll be praying for you <33

Hey girl. I’m so sorry for replying late and I’m sorry that you are in the hospital. Please don’t stress yourself. Health is more important. It’s very sweet of you to let us know, and I pray for your recovery.

I hope you get well soon, and come back soon!

Much love! :revolving_hearts:

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