I'm strugglind with rotate overlays

Hi I’m struggling with rotating overlays. I want to rotate my boxing bag to the front and then back but this is what is happening :frowning:

I really don’t know rotating overlays has always been dificult for me but I don’t think that you need to make that overlay moving (you can if you want to !) but not many authors do it and it seems kinda complicated (I always give up because rotation is to dificult for me )

you can try.
@overlay NAME rotates
Full rotate = 360
Halfway rotate = 180
Quarter rotate = 90

Joseph Evans has a video - it might be easier to watch it than to read it

Whenever you rotate an overlay, for some reason it moves its position. You’ll just have to shift it the same time it rotates.

You really have to experiment with the numbers before you can fully get it. I know I did.

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Thank you everyone i solved the problem with that video that Januva send :slight_smile:

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