I'm struggling with something (SOLVED)

How would I write to make it seem like a little kid is talking???

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hmm, when you write words try to write then as you would pronounce them if that makes sense. Like three =tree or twee

this helps a little bit but not much

sorry . children and young toddlers typically speak in broken words . so maybe misspell things on purpose.

that makes more scene to me thank you

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Depends on what age you’re talking about.
You’d be surprised by how articulate some children are.

she’s a five year-old

How little?

As for language development, vocabulary and such, you could consult curriculum requirements for whatever grade (if of school age) you want the child character to be in. There are probably many resources online.

hmm I never thought of that
thank you GRH

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I have a 6 year old niece.
So this is the closest reference I can offer. :flushed:
She understands a lot of what you say, but if they’re bigger words or more uncommonly heard words - she doesn’t know what they mean and she’ll normally ask what they mean.
She mumbles quite a lot, so sometimes I find her pronunciations hard to understand, but you can have a decent conversation with her.
Her mind often races too fast for her speech, so her words will slip up because she’s trying to get too many things out too fast.
But to give you an idea of things she says:
“Viktoria, what’s ______?” (What does ______ mean?)
“My brother is annoying.”
“Daddy’s fat.” (Then she’ll laugh or squish his belly).
“I like to play with my brother’s lego and watch YouTube.”
Her spelling though is awful lmao.

Her older brother is 10 and you can pretty well speak to him as if you were speaking to an adult, except he has the same problem with trying to speak too fast and there are some words he doesn’t understand but he’s actually really intelligent and articulate. The same thing applies to my ex’s younger sister — you can speak to her without trying to use “baby talk” and she understands most words.

I’ve also seen a 4 year old boy play with my daughter who’s 2 and he said things like “This is a truck,” “Those are your shoes.”

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shes sounds like a little sweet-heart
Also this helps me as well

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