Im stuck! Characters wont do animations while talking!

So I’m trying to have two people talk
One is called Cleo and Layla.

I don’t know what i have done wrong but when they are talking, Cleo seems to be doing fine like talking with the mouth moving and all that.
But Layla just stands still and doesn’t move her mouth while talking.

And when i did @LAYLA starts scream_angry

It completely ignored the command

I need help :open_mouth:

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send your script code.

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CLEO (talk_greet_neutral)

LAYLA (talk_apathetic)

CLEO (talk_excited_happy)
Could you help me find room 101?

@pause for a beat

LAYLA (talk_doubtful)
Use a map?

CLEO (talk_apathetic)
Honey, I wasn’t born in the 60s

LAYLA (talk_accuse_angry)
Don’t get cheeky Mrs.
Do you know who I am?

CLEO (talk_apathetic)
Mrs I own this school and you have to do what I say before I get my boyfriend?

@LAYLA starts scream_angry

@LAYLA exits right


Try replacing starts with is

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Oh thanks! It worked on computer but on Phone it didn’t show any animations!

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Np :grin:

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